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Pallet Recycling/Retrieval

At Pallet Partners of America, we provide the best wood pallet recycling services across the United States. Our environmentally responsible and efficient pallet recycling solutions ensure that used wood pallets are repurposed, reducing waste and supporting sustainability in the supply chain.

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Wood Waste Removal

As the nations top pallet provider, Pallet Partners of America specializes in the removal of unusable pallets and other forms of wood waste keeping it out or landfills and allowing your facility to stay neat and organized. Our nationwide network ensures that all material will recycled properly though our Green initiative programs.

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Custom Pallets

Pallet Partners of America specializes in custom wooden pallets engineered for your unique shipping needs. With over 35 years of experience, we collaborate closely to design optimized pallets for efficiency, safety, and sustainability.

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About Us

At Pallet Partners of America, we pride ourselves on being North America's foremost authority in pallet recycling and pallet management services.

With an extensive network spanning over 258 locations nationwide, we are unmatched in our capacity to offer custom-made wooden pallets tailored to specific business needs, including New, Reman, & all custom sizes. Our fleet of over 8500 trailers allows us to provide clean late model trailers for our customers so that we can keep your floor free and clear of pallets.


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Your One-Stop Pallet Solution

Pallet Partners of America offers a comprehensive pallet solution, covering new, used, repaired, and recycled pallets, streamlining your supply chain through sustainable pallet management.

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